Cortica™ Cork Trivet

When making tea, it’s all too easy to mark a table top with water rings or burn marks from a hot teapot. Ruin your tables no more as you welcome the Cortica Cork Trivet into your life. This cork and stainless steel trivet will protect surfaces beautifully. 

Cork. Stainless steel
Sizing & Capacity

Height 1.8 cm, 0.7 inch

Width 12 cm, 4.72 inch

Volume n/a

Care & Maintenance
Not for use on stove top
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Customer Reviews

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Cork Trivet - Cortica



What is this trivet made of?
This trivet is made from our specially developed Biotera cork and our Immacular stainless steel.

How big is it?
This trivet measures 21 cms x 18 cms x 12 cms. It’s the perfect size for most teapots.


Is this trivet dishwasher safe?
No, it isn’t. As cork is a natural material it may degrade in the dishwasher so gentle handwashing is the best option for this lovely trivet.

Is this trivet durable?
If washed gently and cared for, this trivet will be very durable and long-lasting.


Do I need to put anything underneath this trivet?
No, you won’t need to put anything underneath this trivet. Cork is both heat resistant and naturally grippy, so this trivet will stay in place and protect all of your surfaces.