What is the best way to make tea?

Follow this instruction to make a great cup of tea.

Water: Tea is 99% water and therefore pure water with pH of 7 is best. It has fewer minerals (calcium-magnesium) that influence the taste.


Bring the water to boil, make sure you don’t boil the water too long.

Then fill the teapot with the boiled water. The heat depends on the tea that’s being used. Regarding the best temperature check the question on “best temperature to drink tea” below.

Always use a tea filter that is big enough when using loose tea. The leaves need plenty of space to pass their aroma on to the water. Stir it before pouring.

What is the best temperature to drink tea?

Viva Scandinavia recommends the following temperatures:

White tea = 80°C – 90°C

Yellow tea = 70°C – 80°C

Green tea = 60°C – 80°C

Black tea= 90°C – 100°C

Oolong = 90°C – 100°C

Pu-Ehr = 80°C – 100°C

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